Saturday Advancement Program for Pre-K and Kindergarten

  • Saturdays 9:30AM – 2:00PM
  • Location: P.S. 1 at 8 Henry Street
  • Lunch is provided

Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten have class at Lighthouse Preschool while students in Grade 1 – 5 will have class in Lighthouse Development Center. Students here will be taught on a curriculum based on preparing them for the next  grade in public school.

In English, we will teach the children phonics with learning to differentiate different vowel sounds so they can try to spell words and write sentences on their own.  They will listen to stories and try to make their own inferences of what will happen next or retell the story to each other.

We also help prepare the students for the Gifted and Talented Program in public schools.  They will practice following directions and logical reasoning.  They will also be sorting and categorizing groups of pictures to see what belongs and what doesn’t belong.