Lighthouse After School Program

Our After School Program has been a part of many different schools in the area for many years. Each student of ours receives aid in improving homework and study habits, and customized worksheets reinforcing what they’re learning. We also provide snacks at each location. We are located in:

P.S. 124 – The Yung Wing School

At this location, all of our students are from the Gifted and Talented School of P.S. 124. Our after school teachers here help our students build stronger and more understanding relationships with their public school teachers. Many of P.S. 124’s teachers stay after dismissal and give a helping hand to their students in our program. Even with our time constraints and the amount of work our students have, they also boost their reading and writing skill after their homework is finished by completing our Reading Responses.

P.S. 1 – The Alfred E. Smith Elementary School

At this location, we accept students from P.S. 1, P.S. 2, P.S. 126, St. James, St. Joseph, and the Transfiguration School. The indoor courtyard is a benefit specific to this location. The PSAL Soccer program takes place here, and our After School students may take part in this free program in addition to their homework aid. The Runner’s Club and Bible Study are also a part of our After School Program here at P.S. 1.

Lighthouse Development Center

This is our own private tutoring center on the 5th floor above our Preschool. Many students from P.S. 130 and P.S. 42 attend this After School Program. Along with homework aid and extra worksheets, there is also Bible Study every Thursday starting at 4:30PM which your child may take part in once they’ve completed their homework. We also offer supervised computer usage for those who need the internet to do research, submit work online, or to write a report.

Thank you for your interest in Lighthouse’s After School and Saturday Programs. For more information, please call us at (212) 219 – 8813 or email us at