Computer Science Course

Welcome to Lighthouse Development Center’s Computer Science Page

Starting in January, LDC will be starting our computer science course.

This course will be available to all students from the 3rd grade and up. The purpose of this course to to teach our students a new set of skills. Computer Science is a field that will always be around. In the coming years, there will be an increase in demand for people with this skill set. We are not expecting the students to all become computer programmers in the future, but learning this skill set is just as important as having the students learn English and Math in school. It’s not just about learning how to read and write codes, it’s about teaching them how to think logically, be creative and learn how a computer actually works. We all live in a society that is surrounded by so much technology, it is only beneficial for them to get started early.

The course will take place once a week. It will be every Friday starting on January 18,2016 and it will end on June 10, 2016.

The course work will be centered around Java. Java code is used everywhere, from internet applications to the apps that are run on smartphones. Students will start out learning simple codes that generate names and numbers, but will later learn more complicated codes, such as game and website building.

For more information please click on the link below to see our digital flyer or you may send us an email at or call our main office (212) 219 – 8813

Computer Science Flyer